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Introduction and Summary

These are the Terms and Conditions on which Realagents.net, an independent Real Estate Agency available to all Property Owners, Business Owners, Builders and Developers wishing to list their properties and be a part of an affordable marketing, selling and leasing agency.

It includes;
Properties for sale or lease, generally including, RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, OFF THE PLAN HOMES, APARTMENTS, TOWNHOUSES & LAND and includes the sale of BUSINESSES.

'Enhanced marketing products'
'Uploads to top websites, for your particular category'

General terms and conditions

Schedule 1

Required fields for listings appearing on REALAGENTS.NET Website

The following information is the minimum information which you must submit to REALAGENTS.NET in respect of each listing for publication on the REALAGENTS.NET Website:

1. Property address

2. Property type (eg house, apartment, land off plan etc)

3. Title details (if an when required)

4. Description

5. Number of bedrooms (except for vacant land)

6. Number of bathrooms (except for vacant land)

7. Number of car spaces and enclosed garages (except for vacant land)

8. Images (minimum of 1)

9. Display price (may be numeric value or text, eg; P.O.A. O.N.O, AUCTION, E.O.I, TENDER {when using text an estimated value shall still be included in the listing details field but will be hidden from public view})

10. Area of land, and or living quarters, office areas, and or outdoor space including balconies. (If and when required)

11. Lettable areas in Business sales, include indoor and outdoor (if and when required)

Where you do not provide or authorise REALAGENTS.NET to publish all of the above information in a listing, REALAGENTS.NET may not publish the listing on the REALAGENTS.NET Websites.


Schedule 2

Guidelines for search results on REALAGENTS.NET Websites

1. Where a listing for a property does not include a numeric value in the price search field, the property will not be returned in searches conducted on the basis of a single price, but in a priced area according to hidden estimated values.

2. Where values are provided for a price search range for a property and the range varies more than 10% from the value provided for the search price of the property, the property may not be returned in searches conducted on the basis of price.

3. Enhanced Display, Feature and Video advertising upgrades are priced as per pricing information provided by your Realagents.net Agent.


All listings will either have a termination date and/OR have a recurring payment time and will automatically renew for the scheduled 30 day price. If you do not wish to continue marketing your property please advise you agent.

All enhanced and features can only be purchased when standard listings have been uploaded, they cannot be purchased without standard listing.

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