About Us

100% of our Agents are actually Fully Licensed Agents.

So what does fully licensed mean? Fully Licensed Agents are those that have dedicated themselves to their careers by obtaining a Diploma in Property, OR in the old term a ' Certificate In Real Estate Management', so not just a sales person, but someone capable, responsible and indeed equipped to be an AGENT OR AGENCY.

Let’s start by letting you know what we are about.
We are ‘Fully Licensed Agents’ and Marketers providing a selling & marketing service for our property owners, with an affordable structure through our 'Options and Choices' and simple to use online marketing platform for our Agents

We bring a better and more cost effective form of Real Estate Marketing and fee structure for our Agents, Owners and Business Owners.

Our marketing real estate service is affordable, it’s the best, and we know you will enjoy the experience.

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Fully Licensed Real Estate Agents - 'Realagents.net' - The only Agency that matters